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Maya Angelou reads her inaugural poem, January 20, 1993

History, despite its wrenching pain,
Cannot be unlived, and if faced
With courage, need not be lived again.

– Maya Angelou, “On the Pulse of Morning”

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  1. stella antley Says:

    .To the Tracing Center…I’m sure Maya joins me in saying “beautiful” no better words can capture this moment time stood still as She quitely and graceful, as only She Could, took Flight…the World is Forever Changed….She was Childless but a Mother to Us All.

  2. stella antley Says:

    “A Poem For Maya”.

    Maya, She Lives Forever through Her Words and In Our Hearts, and From Our Hearts She Can Never Depart. She spoke Like a Sparrow or a Lark….She Spoke From Her’s and To Our Heart….Her Words Sometimes as Meek as a Lamb… Sometimes Like the Roar of a Lioness Protecting Her Cubs with so Much Love…The World was Her Child….She made us Laugh, Ponder and Cry…She spoke to Us Like a Caged Bird which Sang and Sang…. People heard her Words from Near and Far…Kings and Queens, Mandela in Prison, the First African American President, the Richest of the Rich and the Poorest of the Poor…all Hung on Her Every Pearled and Bejewelled, Eloquent Words as she Swirled Emotions, Truth, Hurt, Harm, Love, Hate, Joy, Pain, Struggle, Poverty, Freedom, and the Phoenix Rising from the Ashes of Slavery…Putting the Wind Beneath all of our Feet and She knew the Secret of Why the Caged Bird sang…She Never told Us in ryhm or prose but You could See the Wisdom in Her Cleopatra Smile and In Her All Knowing Eyes…. Her Chakras were Brighter than the Stars…. She was Wiser Beyond any of Our Combined Years and Beyond Our Combined Understanding, She was the Oldest Soul…. Yet, She Spoke Volumes to the Common Man, to the Masses, from the High to the Low…to Those Without Hope…to the Baptist Preacher and to the Pope… to a People taken from their Culture across a Mighty Sea From Their Native Land From Their Family Never to be Seen Again,…Brought Here in Chains, They Lost Their native Language But She Mastered Theirs……And NOT once did I EVER hear Her speak of self…Always Someone Else, She Spoke of the Sufferings of Others in Pain, and Everyone Knew Her Name… She Used Words for Peace to Capture the World without Ever Firing a Gun, She taught us truly How Peace Could Be Won….to Help as We All Try and Find the Right Words to Guide Us and show Us through this Maze Called Life…She Spoke about How to Love Our Neighbors.. Next Door or Around the World, She Brought Us Closer, as Sisters and Brothers All Members of the Human Race….. The Universe Our Shared Mother. She Showed Us Grace And How to Love God First and Each Other Even Before Ourselves, She taught US that We are the Keepers of Mother Earth and Our Brother’s Keepers…though Times We Forget..She Taught us How to Dare and How to Dream…She Taught Us….. There is no “I” in “We” …We Are Our Brother’s and Sister’s Keepers… We Are Guardians of the Sky and Sea. She has Now flown Home, Beyond our reach, Our Ears Can No Longer Hear Her…. No Longer Can Our Eyes See Her, but Her Words Shall Forever Keep Her in Our Hearts, our Thoughts Our Minds …She Has Passed Beyond the Ghost Whispers of This Earth, She Has Gone Beyond Where Eagles Soar and is Among us No More… But Forever More We Will Have the Voice of a Lark, the Words of a Lady Named Maya Whose Lyrics were those of a Poet Laureate Never Heard Before or Will Ever Heard Again. Silently, as she spoke, She Has Departed This World She Entered on the Day the Creator Brought her Forth into a World She Forever Changed, with Her Sage Passages of Wisdom and Hope…Words Always Whispered ever So Gently and Gentilely…. Inspirational Words, As only She Could Recite and Speak….Proving Beyond Forever and a Day….As only She Could.. Sweetly.. Speak in Her Poetry… that the Pen IS Mightier than the Sword. Her Mission of Mercy, Tolerance and Love, Like the Poem she Wrote for Mandela Before He Was Set Free… and Now, Her Last Words are Forever Frozen in our Hearts and Now Silenced…. Forever Sealed On Her Lips. She has Returned to Her Father, Our Father… Who Loved Her First and Sent Her Among Us to Speak of Love Not Hate, to accept Our Burdens, Our Hardships, Our Fate, and Speak of His Amazing Grace and Forgiveness….by Offering the World His Only Begotten Son and I’m Sure He Will Say as she Enters His Heavenly Gates…Come Rest By Me….You Came, You Saw and You Left the World a Better Place than You Found, for all Mankind….You Regaled us, with your Wit and Wisdom and made us think…like Beautiful Black Noise. You Gave a Voice to the Voiceless, The Helpless, The Homeless, The Teaming Masses Still Yearning to Breathe Free and You Did it All for Them and for ME and Your Love For All Mankind…. Regardless to their Race or their Hate… You Gave Love a Forgiving Face….You Did it For Peace on Earth and You Did it So the World Could See..Their Good and Bad Deeds…..From the Hopes and Dreams of the Slave holding Me, Still I Rise…Now Rest Forever at My Throne Nevermore Alone…Rest in My Arms and in Peace…Well Done My Angel with the Golden Voice, My Only One…Well Done, My Maya….She is An African Diamond in the Sky.

    Written By “Ex-Slave” aka Stella Antley. May 28, 2014

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