Feedback on the Tracing Center’s Public History Programs

“The workshop exceeded all expectations – in presentation and in reception! It has definitely opened the possibility for discussion and I know has helped staff get a better understanding of the interaction we want to encourage with our guests.”

— Deputy director at a northern historic site

The Tracing Center’s programs “help those of us who are custodians of history, translators of history, to bring a central, but buried, chapter in our American story powerfully to the fore—all while penetrating right to the heart.”

Lonnie G. Bunch, Director, Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture, and Tracing Center board member

Tracing Center workshop - visual analysis activityThe workshop “was very helpful in terms of preparation for interaction with visitors, and provided research-based strategies, lots of examples and opportunities for practice.  Also helped me set a broad context for our exhibit and the many ‘connections’ that visitors may make, some positive, some not so much.”

— Workshop participant

“Thanks for this wonderful workshop. It exceeded my expectations … a memorable experience.”

— Workshop participant from a state agency responsible for historic sites

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