Public History Programs

We educate the public about the history and legacy of slavery and race in the United States, and prepare historic sites and museums to deliver a comprehensive and conscientious interpretation of slavery to their visitors.

Our professional workshops and consultations for public history organizations, museums, and historic sites foster awareness, dialogue, and engagement, by inviting staff to explore slavery and race through multiple lenses and the links between yesterday and today.

The public history programs we offer include:

Public history program “The workshop challenged me to think more concertedly about the issues of race and slavery. [It] came alive in a way I would have never expected it to.”
– Workshop Participant

Interpreting Slavery at Museums and Historic SitesWe have also produced the following publications aimed at supporting the interpretation of slavery at our nation’s historic sites and museums:

For more information about these publications, you can visit the online resource page we maintain for readers, here.

DeWolf descendants looking at family records from the slave trade at the Bristol Historical and Preservation Society, Bristol, Rhode Island.

The workshop “was very helpful in terms of preparation for interaction with visitors, and provided research-based strategies, lots of examples and opportunities for practice. Also helped me set a broad context for our exhibit and the many ‘connections’ that visitors may make, some positive, some not so much.”

– Workshop Participant

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