Juror B29’s full interview airs on ABC; comments “devastating” to Trayvon Martin’s family

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Juror B29, "Maddy," speaking on ABC's "Good Morning America"This morning, as ABC airs its full interview with juror B29 in the George Zimmerman case for the first time, Trayvon Martin’s mother says the juror’s most explosive comment, that Zimmerman “got away with murder,” is “devastating” for their family.

A portion of ABC’s interview with juror B29, a 36-year-old nursing assistant and mother of eight named Maddy, aired last night and has already generated considerable controversy.

Juror B29’s revelations about the Zimmerman case

This morning, the full interview revealed more about the jury’s deliberations, juror B29’s views on the case, and how well the jury verdict reflected an impartial view of the law. We also learned that she is of Puerto Rican descent and, until recently, lived in Chicago.

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