Leadership transition

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The Tracing Center is pleased to announce that our founding executive director, Katrina Browne, has taken on a new role as our director of ideas and external affairs. This shift will allow her to dedicate her time to public activities, content development, and other work on behalf of the organization.

The board of directors has hired James Perry to be our new executive director. James was the founding board chair and president of the Tracing Center and has been centrally involved, since 1999, with Traces of the Trade, for which he shared an Emmy nomination.

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Dominicans, traces, and race

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Juanita Brown, the co-producer of Traces of the Trade, and I were invited to screen Traces as part of FUNGLODE’s Dominican Republic Global Film Festival… a truly special film festival that I can’t say enough good things about.

Our visit to the country was sponsored by the U.S. embassy there, to whom we are very grateful!!! It was an incredible chance to test again, after going to Cuba, how the Spanish-subtitled version of the film does or does not resonate for people in former Spanish colonies that were built on a slave-based economy.

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“Traces of the Trade” in the Dominican Republic

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Our executive director, Katrina Browne, and consultant Juanita Brown are in the Dominican Republic this week at the invitation of the U.S. embassy in Santo Domingo to present “Traces of the Trade” and participate in panel discussions and programs about the history and legacy of slavery and the slave trade.

“Tras las Huellas de Mis Ancestros: La Historia Oculta de Nueva Inglaterra,” the Spanish-subtitled version of the film, is screening at the 4th Dominican Global Film Festival (DRGFF). Katrina Browne is the director and producer of the documentary, and Juanita Brown is a co-producer.

In the picture above, Katrina and Juanita are meeting Leonel Fernandez, the president of the Dominican Republic (second from right) and actor Randi Acton at the festival’s opening reception in Santo Domingo last night.

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