Katrina Browne appears on “Democracy Now!” with Amy Goodman and Juan González

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On Wednesday, Katrina Browne, producer/director of Traces of the Trade: A Story from the Deep North and co-founder of the Tracing Center, was interviewed live on Democracy Now! by Amy journalist Goodman.

Katrina appeared following an interview with Craig Steven Wilder, author of the new book, Ebony & Ivy: Race, Slavery, and the Troubled History of America’s Universities, which explores the historical dependence of U.S. colleges and universities on slavery and on financial support generated by the economics of slavery, as well as the role of these institutions in the propagation of the ideology that supported slavery and racism.

In the interview, Katrina talks about being a descendant of the nation’s leading slave-trading family, which motivated her to produce Traces of the Trade and to co-found a center devoted to exploring the historical involvement of U.S. families and institutions, North and South, in slavery. She also speaks about the stew of emotional issues that can come up for many white Americans in the course of addressing this history and its legacy today.

Here is Katrina’s portion of the interview:

For the earlier portion of the hour with Professor Wilder, see here.

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  1. Michael Says:

    After listening to Ms. Brown's discussion with Amy Goodman on Democracy Now (along with the author of the new book, Ebony & Ivy), I came to this website where I purchased the dvd. I just finished watching the dvd and plan to do so (watch the dvd) again over Thanksgiving with my immediate family (mother, sister and 15 yr old nephew). Thank you for continuing the dialogue. Its unfortunate that we as a society do not truly comprehend the effect that the institution of slavery has had on our growth as a country and the deep divisions that exist today.

  2. harvey boyd Says:

    Always learning ..

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