Education Programs Tracing Center education programs
Our education programs help students and faculty at elementary, middle and high schools, colleges and universities to explore the history of race and more effectively address issues of race and identity today.

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Faith-Based Programs Tracing Center faith-based programs
Our programs for communities of faith incorporate the spiritual, and acknowledge the historical connections of religious institutions to slavery and race, featuring our 30-minute video, Repairing the Breach.

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Public History Programs Tracing Center public history programs
Our professional workshops and consultations for museums and historic sites strengthen the interpretation of slavery and race, identifying historical connections and exploring the role of racial identity.

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Workplace Programs Tracing Center workplace programs
We offer small businesses, corporations, non-profit and government organizations with basic or advanced training and presentations on race, diversity, and privilege, emphasizing sensitivity and mutual understanding.

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March on Washington
As we commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Movement and the 150th anniversary of Emancipation (2013-2015), what racial progress have we made as a nation, and what remains as the unfinished business of civil war and civil rights?

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Recent blog posts

Today, February 1, 2015, is the 150th anniversary of President Lincoln’s signing of the 13th Amendment to the Constitution, abolishing slavery throughout the United States. Today is also National Freedom Day, the official U.S. observance of this momentous occasion.

Today, January 31, 2015, marks the 150th anniversary of the narrow but momentous decision, by a bitterly divided U.S. Congress at the end of the Civil War, to abolish slavery throughout the United States. Why the Union began to take emancipation seriously In January 1865, the Civil War was in  … .

This is the season for state legislatures to consider whether to finally offer an apology for their role in slavery and racial discrimination, as eight states in the North and South have seen fit to do in recent years. On Friday, we reported on the apology bill which has been  … .

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